72 Hours Free Trial

SuperBox offering 3 days free trial of HUTV service, the HUTV service provides same content with SuperBox, you can get to know what SuperBox offer from any of your Android device. Including Android TV Boxes, Amazon Firestick, Mibox, Android tablets, Android Smartphone, Smart TV, etc. All you need to do is install the HUTV on your Android device, then send an email for request the trial account.


  1. Open the Brower or Downloader on your Android device
  2. Input 32128.cc and open the site to install the HUTV on your Android device. (For some 3rd party Apps-prohibited devices, you need to sideload the apk into your device)

3. Drop an Email at info@mysuperboxtv.com, we’ll get back to you with the trial username and password within 24 hours

4. Open the HUTV app, input the trial username and password, then you’re ready to enjoy.

Frequent Asked Questions about HUTV

HUTV is the IPTV service which offer the same content with SuperBox, you can use it on any of your Android devices.

SuperBox is an IPTV box that came with lifetime IPTV service. Which mean once you buy the SuperBox, you’re free to watch 1000+ channels, 11000+ VOD, featured sports streaming, PPV, NFL, Adult videos, etc.

  • Please check the tutorial of using HUTV on Firestick
  • A similar operation for other Android devices, you need to go to 32128.cc to download the HUTV app via browser, downloader, or sideload the app. Then you just need to input the username and password.

For the HUTV trial account, one connection at the same time. And the trial can only be used once on each device.

  • Our recommended internet speed for operation is at least 4Mbps for VOD streaming;
  • However, for live HD quality streaming, you may need at least 8Mbps for quality watching;
  • I would suggest find out what’s your current internet download speed then let us know so we can advise.

Yes, You can enjoy HUTV on the Android Smart TV/Tablet/Phone

Like other Android devices, you need to go to 32128.cc and install the HUTV apk on your Smart TV. Then input the username and password, and you ready to go.

If your Smart TV disabled browser/downloader, you need to sideload the HUTV apk from a flash disk.